Revolutionizing Healthcare

In November 2022, Hevelian had an exciting month highlighted by their attendance at the HLTH Conference in Las Vegas. The conference is the industry's top event for disruptive innovation and transformation in healthcare.

HLTH was a unique gathering that united healthcare experts and leaders from diverse areas of the industry, including payors, providers, employers, pharma, startups, and big tech. This event provided an opportunity for participants to connect, share insights, and collaborate towards driving innovation and progress in healthcare.

Collaboration and Insights

As a first-time participant in the conference, Hevelian brought years of experience in healthcare and building high-quality software for leading US vendors. The goal was to gain a better understanding of the key issues facing the health industry, identify potential solutions, and explore how to contribute the expertise to help address these challenges. Hevelian's participation in the conference allowed them to gain a deeper understanding of the industry, connect with other thought leaders, and uncover potential opportunities for future collaboration on projects.

During the conference, Hevelian was also proud to be a part of the newly formed FHIR Business Alliance (FHIRBall), a group of companies dedicated to building interoperable solutions based on FHIR. As active members of the FHIR community, Hevelian and other FHIRBall companies share a commitment to growing the market for FHIR products and services through a community-based approach. By participating in both HLTH 2022 and FHIRBall, Hevelian gained valuable insights into the latest trends and challenges in healthcare technology and expanded their network of collaborators in the field.

HLTH Conference Generates Energy

The energy of the HLTH conference was felt by many through news stories, social media posts, and text messages. In an effort to maintain the momentum, we reached out to Arrive Health attendees and asked them to share the key themes of the event. 

During the HLTH conference, we experienced high energy and focused discussions on vendors and networking opportunities. Venture capital firms were well-represented, and we had the chance to meet and connect with interesting people and companies interested in FHIR. The overall atmosphere was high-energy, with a good mix of booths and meeting spaces for mingling.

Charlie Provenzano,VP of Business Development

A Digital Health Hub for Collaboration and Knowledge Sharing

For once we have broken the rules and shared what happened in Vegas ;) The HLTH 2022 conference was an impressive gathering, with around 9,000 attendees, making it a major hub for digital health collaboration. The event was filled with valuable knowledge sharing, taking place amidst the conference's massive suspended props. Don't worry about missing out, our interoperability specialists were there and took detailed notes.