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Do you process C-CDA documents? Convert them to FHIR? Got some docs that just don’t convert properly or don’t convert at all? We have the solution - Octopus by Hevelian. We can convert the ugliest C-CDA documents you have - guaranteed!

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What we do

Software Engineering

We work with specialists. Engineers that know the technologies you want to use, and are experts at using them. We will put a team together, tailored to your specific project, dedicated to your success.

Experience Design

The user experience is the window to the soul of your product. The “look and feel” of modern applications goes way beyond good layout design and the right font and color selection. It’s about the flow and ease of use, about how natural the experience is.

Solution Architecture

We advise you on the right balance of application and software architects, technical team leads, engineers and quality control, adjusting the team as needed during the lifecycle of the project.

Software QA & Testing

Continuous Integration requires Continuous Testing strategies. We apply product delivery testing strategies to all our project and product deliveries, with fully documented test plans.


DevOps has become essential for modern software delivery, as well as ongoing maintenance, management, monitoring and control. We can provide you with highly skilled DevOps engineers for your existing project, or part of the design & build team for the next project we do for you!

Product Management

Knowing your own requirements is only the start of the process. We can help you with that, providing professional business analysts and product or project managers to help you along the way.

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