GamiFHIR by Hevelian integrates your virtual world wellness and coaching environment with clinical systems and EMRs using HL7 FHIR.

Gamification and virtual health systems (telehealth, VR, and virtual world) are the future, and GamiFHIR connects the encounters and clinical data from these systems to providers and payers claims systems and EMRs, EHRs. Create the virtual experience the way you want it, and let GamiFHIR transform the experiences into clinical encounters and observations, or use virtual technology as part of a care plan and track session attendees and provide group therapy. GamiFHIR will capture and transform the key moments and events, and push to the patient record in your EMR or clinical system.

Value points

Easy and secure integration with your clinical system
No limitations on the virtual experience, build what you want, how you want
Works with your existing interoperability/integration tool
Cloud-based or on-premise
SaaS (pay-per-use) or container (fixed fee)
Online support

What is GamiFHIR?

GamiFHIR is a gateway that converts event data from a virtual environment into clinical data in FHIR (Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources) format. We can also support legacy HL7 standards and SQL. With just a simple tweak to your virtual world artifacts, they are able to generate event data and send it to GamiFHIR, and GamiFHIR does the rest.

Who benefits?

The patient is central in benefitting from GamiFHIR – combining the results of coaching sessions or group therapy (etc.) with their clinical data provides a more complete picture of their health profile, and provides an automated way to track attendance and participation – as well as their interaction with the virtual environment and other attendees.

Payers and providers benefit from correlating the results of coaching and group therapy with the improvement in general wellness and reduction in dependence on medication.

  • Custom data format? We can do that too, let us know what you need.
  • Easy to implement using your current integration/interoperability platform - don’t have one yet? - check out some of our partners that can help you.
  • Fully FHIR 4.0.1 standard results which you can push to your FHIR server directly - don’t have a FHIR server yet? - check out some of our partners that can help you.
  • High volume? Check the container subscription pricing, with unlimited use, fixed price, sized to your needs.
  • Variable or low volume? Choose the ‘per hour’ pricing option and only pay for what you use.

Want to learn more?

We have a solution to your needs. Sent us a message, and our experts will follow up with you asap.

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